My name is Roy. I’m a content creator.

I’m passionate about digital technology and learning.

I use digital media – websites, photography, graphic design, videography – to help organizations tell their best story.

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My design principles:

  • Simple is best. The best design is simple and clean. If your logo and other design is confusing or complicated, you lose trust and credibility.
  • Make it memorable. Show your logo to customers for five seconds. Take it away, and then ask them what they saw. If they can’t tell you, start over.
  • Don’t overthink the wrong things. Focus on substance, not flash.
  • Don’t under-think the right things. Focus on substance, not flash.
  • Don’t be too trendy. Will your design be relevant 5-10 years from now? Can your logo be easily modified to update it?
  • Flexibility. Does your design look good on multiple items? Is it easy to read on a large poster or a small hat?

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My skills:

• Digital Content Creation
• Web Management
• Graphic Design
• Brand Identity Development and Management
• Web and Social Media Analytics
• Technical Training
• Web Design
• Writing and Editing
• Project Management
• Videography